Meet our crew...  
You've boated with the rest, now fish with the best aboard The Reelin with a crew that brings you over 100 years of fish producing experience. As you can see we have THREE Coast Guard licensed Captains on our crew functioning in various roles, all specializing in delivering exemplary customer service. There are few boats in the area that can boast this type of experience on the both the bridge and deck. With this crew at times you will see little or no communication as they all know what the other is thinking and what is required to be done to fish a particular piece of bottom. You can not find another crew that will work harder at finding customers fish.

Captain Kevin Bentley began saltwater fishing at the age of 12 with this father and grandfather in their old 18' wood Lapstrake hulled runabout. From that point on his addiction with the sea and fishing only grew. Captain Kevin spent many summers as a mate on the decks of some of the top charter boats in Southeastern Connecticut as well as a 3 year stint Captaining a boat for Sea Tow performing marine towing and salvage. But the allure of fishing was never faraway. About the same time Captain Kevin was working for Sea Tow he met up with Captain Ernie Celotto, working the deck as a mate and filling in as Captain whenever Ernie needed a break. Captain Kevin was a fine fisherman prior to meeting Captain Ernie. With the help of Captain Ernie who passed on his wealth of fishing experience, Captain Kevin quickly learned many subtle tips that spelled success to a trip. Captain Ernie used to say "Anyone can catch fish when the fishing is good, but a true charter boat captain can catch when no one else is". After Captain Ernie lost his battle with cancer, his widow sold the Reelin to Captain Kevin, knowing he would carry the Reelin name and tradition on.


Captain Phil Strickland (a.k.a. Fisherman Phil) came to the Reelin after being highly recommended by our other mate Captain Vic. Until that time Captain Phil spent most of this time fishing for himself on various charter and party boats. Captain Phil began his fishing career in southern Florida, commercially fishing for Red Snapper as he grew up. Captain Phil did take a 20 year hiatus from fishing in favor of a short stint in the Navy, retiring at the rank of Chief Machinist Mate and more recently he retired from Electric Boat after a 20 year career as a Technical Lesson Writer. Captain Phil's, enthusiasm for fishing when added to his mechanical abilities make him a valuable member of the Reelin team. Captain Phil will have a story or a joke for any occasion. Anyone knowing this business can understand how important this trait can be.


Captain Victor Sottile came to the Reelin after Captain Kevin introduced him to Captain Ernie. Like Captain Kevin, he spent his early boyhood years exploring the waters of Eastern Long Island Sound. Like Captain Kevin, Captain Vic was tutored by Captain Ernie on the small secrets which it takes to make fishing trips a success. &Captain Vic has filled in many times as the Captain on the Reelin and his people have always come home with their fish and smiles. Captain Vic takes a very business like approach to catching fish and takes every catch or the occasional loss of a fish very seriously.

Mate Erik Bentley started working the deck for his father during his Senior year of High School.  Erik has been a quick learner as he too has the love of the water and fishing that his father does.  Erik continues to filling in for Captain Phil and Captain Vic whenever they need a break.  In addition Erik will be seen on several other local charter boats this summer

Mate Kevin Bentley, Jr.  Kevin will be a regular on many trips as he learns the art of the deck technician.  Kevin is a recent graduate from St Bernard High School where he was a 7 letter athlete and Captain of the wrestling team.  He has proven to be a quick learner.


Admiral Amy Bentley  What else can we say?  The true brains of the Reelin operation.  The Admiral runs the office.  She will be the one you talk to before you book your trip of a lifetime.  She will make the proper recommendations and guide you along to make the right decisions on which type of trip you are best suited.


Assistant Admiral Jessica Bentley  Jessica, will be assisting the Admiral in the office duties,  she aspires to follow in her brothers foot steps in learning the art of charter boat fishing.  Don’t be surprised to see a pretty little girl on the deck of the Reelin gaffing, netting and slinging fish as she learns from her father, one of the best in the business!